Collective Scenarios: Futures


Figure 2.2 IPCC Synthesis Report (2014)

My journal article: 'Collective scenarios: speculative improvisations for the Anthropocene' has been published in a special issue of the Futures journal. I presented the paper on which the article is based at the Anticipation International Conference from 9- 11 October 2019 at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in Norway (AHO).

This is the abstract:

The article discusses the potential of speculative and improvisational modes of rehearsing collective futures in the context of the interlinked crises associated with the Anthropocene, among these climate change. The article draws on insights from a series of research, arts and public engagement projects where collaborative scenario–making was explored as a way of opening up civic space in the face of the high levels of uncertainty, global risks and collective action problems associated with climate futures and societal transformations. Scenarios are proposed as rehearsal spaces for more collective modes of responding to the prospect of uncertain futures. The article introduces the conceptual innovation of speculative improvisations, binding together strands from anticipation and futures studies, speculative research, speculative design thinking and participatory action on and engagement in urban futures. The article suggests that thinking and practicing the future otherwise involves considering responses and responsibilities in the present day as well as reconfiguring ways of imagining the future. The article considers the possibilities for speculative improvisations and develops the idea of collective scenarios as the anticipatory framework – or rehearsal – that can support a more vibrant and imaginative sense of how societies can be prepared for uncertain futures.