1001 scenarios for a troubled Earth

Renata Tyszczuk '1001 scenarios for a troubled earth' in Benno Heisel, Theresa Spielmann, Andreas Wehrl, Christina Wehrl (eds.) The 2051 Munich Climate Conference: Future Visions of Climate Change (Transcript: Verlag Bielefeld, 2023).

This is the publication of the 2051 Munich Climate Conference T2051MCC, organized, staged and hosted by Büro Grandezza, 18-19 September 2021.

From the text on the back of the book: 'In September 2021 a very special academic conference took place: T2051MCC – The 2051 Munich Climate Conference. Researchers from across the academic spectrum assembled to discuss climate change. What made it special was that everyone held their lecture as if it took place in an imagined year 2051. The theatre collective Büro Grandezza had released an open call for contributions to a conference in Munich. Almost 50 researchers wrote papers on climate narratives, geoengineering, coastal adaptation and other topics. This particular framework allowed them to break out of the constraints of the current discourse without neglecting methodology or thematic sharpness.'