Times of Urgencies: scenarios as speculative improvisations for the Anthropocene

Renata Tyszczuk, 'Times of Urgencies: scenarios as speculative improvisations for the Anthropocene' in Working with Time in Qualitative Research: Case Studies, Theory and Practice edited by Keri Facer, Johan Siebers and Bradon Smith (Routledge, 2022) pp. 50 – 66.

This chapter introduces the Collective Scenarios project, which places scenarios of climate change in their historical, institutional, and cultural contexts and reclaims scenarios as a framework for shared and improvised responses to climate futures. It draws on insights from a series of experimental scenario workshops at the core of a range of research and public engagement projects on climate change. The project explores scenarios as a mode of transformative storytelling in ‘times of urgencies’ that is also about paying attention to diverse and discordant experiences of time in the Anthropocene. Scenarios are reconsidered in their potential as ‘rehearsals’ for speculative, improvised, and collaborative modes of acting on and thinking about uncertain climate futures.